My passion for photography started many years ago and I went on to create a successful photography business.  I recently changed direction and developed a unique process of digitally manipulating images from my extensive portfolio.

Inspiration is taken from my original photograph and through manipulation and reshaping I create a digital abstract piece of art that can be presented in a variety of ways.  Aluminium lends itself particularly well (images above) and my personal favourite due to it's modern, sleek appearance and supreme finish.  This form of presentation really complements my style, it is lightweight and water resistant enabling it to be low maintenance and incredibly versatile.  

I like to think my art exudes a sense of tranquillity, whether it be the soothing neutrals or rich lush vibrant tones, they will enhance any contemporary wall space, residential or commercial.  

There are many options available in finish, size and shape and prices vary depending on the material used, so please do get in touch so we can chat about your requirements.  Current designs can be shipped within two weeks.

Commissions and bespoke work welcome.

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Tel: +44 (0) 7788 728 518

Virginia Water, Surrey, UK