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Sample Collection

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Sizes up to 152x101 cm



Gallery Edge

Gloss / Satin Finish

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The samples above are 101x68cm.  There are many options available in finish, size and shape and prices will vary depending on the material used.  Aluminium lends itself particularly well, shown above and my personal favourite as it is light in weight and has a supreme finish. 

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My passion for photography started many years ago and I went on to create a successful photography business.  I recently changed direction and developed a unique process of digitally manipulating images from my extensive portfolio.

Inspiration is taken from my original photographs and by introducing movement to the formal structure of the image, I create

a digital abstract piece of art.  Whether it be the soothing neutrals or rich lush vibrant tones, these beautiful designs will draw you into a world of calm and tranquility while enhancing any contemporary residential or commercial space.  

I would be delighted to help you with any questions you may have and to discuss your requirements.  Each piece is made to order allowing for custom changes, colour matching and commissions.  Designs in the current collection can be delivered within two weeks.



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